We make paper smart.

We are all connected nowadays. To each other. To loads of data. More and more devices are mutually exchanging information via the Internet of Things. But these devices are all made of plastic and metals, they are complex and expensive. Is there a missing link? Yes. We put intelligence, sensors and connectivity in paper made from agricultural waste. We drive the Internet of Everything, and thus contribute to a circular world free of e-waste.

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Intelligence in paper

We add chips, sensors, batteries and circuits into the paper. We connect our chips directly to our cloud software, and that is where the real magic happens: validation, authentication, processing and presenting the data.

Paper. Re-invented.

Paper has been a means of communication for ages. Connecting people and organizations all over the world. Nowadays paper seems to be on the decline; digitization is taking over and paper isn’t ‘smart’ and ‘interactive’, or is it? Well, it definitely is! We put intelligence in paper. Paper is back like never before. So imagine…

No limits to data
No limits to data collection

If it’s out there, we can analyze it.

Our platform
One platform

From which you can unlock the Internet of Everything.

A circular world free of e-waste
A circular world free of e-waste

Our smart paper is 100% recyclable.

And all you need is a piece of paper
And all you need

is a piece of paper with our added technology.

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