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Revolutionizing data monitoring with our sustainable & paper based dataloggers

Revolutionizing data monitoring, our eco-friendly paper dataloggers present a sustainable alternative to traditional single-use devices. Track temperature, humidity, shocks, and tilt, all through a simple smartphone interaction. Here, precision meets sustainability for effective, environmentally-conscious logistics management. Designed with quality managers in mind, this is supply chain monitoring redefined.

How our label works

How our label works

Unlock the power of data monitoring with just a tap of your smartphone. Our paper dataloggers make gathering crucial data on temperature, humidity, shocks, and tilt as simple as that. No extra hardware, no hassle. Data capture has never been this straightforward.

Analyse your shipment

Unlock a comprehensive view of your shipment conditions with just a tap of your smartphone. Our paper dataloggers capture vital data on temperature, humidity, shocks, and tilt, providing retrospective insights for informed decision-making and resource optimization. Discover a new level of supply chain transparency with our intuitive, user-friendly solution.

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Unlocking advanced features
with our app

Enhance your experience with our dedicated app, designed to unlock advanced features and capabilities. From resetting labels to accessing multiple thousands of datapoints, our app puts control directly in your hands. You can even activate labels with custom references, parameters, and delay starts, tailoring the process to your specific needs. Experience the power of versatility and precision with our user-centric application.

Our products

Our comprehensive product range stands at the intersection of sustainability, affordability, and user convenience. Seamlessly integrated within sustainable paper, our sensors are lightweight and easy to operate via smartphone, providing a cost-effective solution for sophisticated data monitoring.

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Different industries, different data requirements. Our versatile products are designed to meet diverse needs across sectors. Here are just a few industries that benefit from our innovative data solutions:

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