Unlock full potential with our app.

Unlock the full potential of our paper-based dataloggers with our innovative app.

Access thousands of datapoints, activate labels, and reset for reuse. Experience data monitoring like never before, while embracing sustainability. Step into the future of data collection.

Unleash the power: 12,000 datapoints available with the app.

With our app, you gain access to an astounding amount of data points. Experience the power of up to 12,000 datapoints at your fingertips, providing you with unparalleled insights into your processes. Monitor temperature, humidity, and other critical parameters with precision and accuracy. From supply chain management to quality control, our app empowers you to make informed decisions based on comprehensive data. Harness the vast potential of your data with Tapp’s paper dataloggers and unlock new levels of efficiency and optimization.

Activate your labels with the app.

Experience full control with our app as the central interface for activating and managing your loggers effortlessly. By using our app as the control center, you eliminate the need for extra electronic devices, reducing e-waste and promoting environmental sustainability. Set up your preferred “safe zone” for measurements and receive instant violation alerts for values outside this range. Enjoy the flexibility of delayed start functionality and enhance accuracy with digital references in your logs. Discover the seamless integration of technology and sustainability with the Tapp Dataloggers app, transforming the way you collect and manage data.

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