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Welcome to Tapp’s frontier of innovation. Here, we’re not just creating technology; we’re sculpting the future of sustainable electronics. Dive into our roles below and discover how you can become an integral part of a revolution where technology meets ecological responsibility. Let’s co-create a world where progress doesn’t come at the planet’s expense.

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Innovating with intent: Tapp’s paper-driven datalogging evolution.

Dive into our mission of redefining datalogging through our groundbreaking paper-based sensors. United by a vision to curb e-waste, our team harnesses the versatility of paper for electronics. We blend creativity and know-how, delivering eco-conscious solutions for tracking temperature, humidity, and shock. Beyond a business, we’re a collective, pioneering change in datalogging. Be part of our transformative narrative, one sustainable sensor at a time.

From paper to progress: a vision beyond datalogging

Our roots lie deep within the world of paper – an age-old, sustainable marvel. Yet, as the digital era surged, we envisioned paper’s untapped potential in tech. Now, our paper-centric dataloggers showcase our innovation, delivering eco-friendly and efficient solutions for temperature, humidity, and shock monitoring. With every step forward, our goal remains clear: diminish e-waste, reshape the datalogging landscape, and champion a greener world for all.