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Embrace the globe: where every second counts and every customer matters

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About Tapp:
In the world of sustainable datalogging, Tapp isn’t just a participant; we’re the vanguard. Our innovative paper dataloggers serve as the nexus between cutting-edge technology and environmental responsibility. But beyond the tech and the sustainability, at the heart of our operations is an intricate web of global partnerships and clients. Every one of these relationships is fostered, nurtured, and celebrated by our dedicated team.

Our vision:
A connected world where our products serve diverse markets across continents, and where every client, irrespective of their timezone, feels valued, heard, and prioritized.

Our mission:
To revolutionize datalogging with an unwavering commitment to both innovation and the environment. And as we expand globally, ensuring a seamless, 24/7 client experience becomes paramount. After all, with our worldwide reach, there’s always a client at work, at every second of the day.

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Your role:
As an Account Manager at Tapp, your compass points in one direction: the customer. They aren’t just part of the job – they are the job. With a client base that spans the globe, our operations never truly sleep, and neither does your commitment. Whether it’s addressing a concern from Asia in the early hours or assisting a European partner late into the night, your focus remains unwavering. While experience in sales or account management serves as an asset, it’s your indefatigable attitude and passion that truly resonate.

Your profile:
Experience is a feather in your cap, but it’s your unyielding dedication to customers that sets the gold standard. Understanding global market dynamics and possessing the agility to adapt is essential. However, more than anything, it’s your round-the-clock dedication, an understanding of diverse cultures, and an innate desire to exceed customer expectations that define you. For you, no ask is too big if it means ensuring customer satisfaction.

Why Tapp?
With us, you’re not just managing accounts; you’re building bridges across continents, time zones, and cultures. As Tapp’s ambassador, your role is instrumental in ensuring our global footprint remains strong, and our clients consistently experience the pinnacle of service, regardless of where the sun might be shining.

Practical details:
The position kicks off on January 1, 2024. Our base camp is in Leeuwarden, but given our global operations, flexibility is a given. We’re on the lookout for someone who’s in for the long haul, someone who’s ready to be the beacon for our global clientele.

Engage with evolution:
Delve deeper into our ethos by exploring our website. When you’re ready to become the face of Tapp for our worldwide clientele, fill out our application form. Showcase your vision and spell out your commitment to global customer excellence.

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