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About Tapp: in the dynamic landscape of datalogging, Tapp emerges as a beacon of innovation. Our paper dataloggers are more than cutting-edge technological tools; they epitomize our commitment to sustainable practices and a brighter environmental future. At Tapp, we merge technological progress with a query: why rely on materials detrimental to our planet when there are sustainable alternatives?

Our vision: picture a scenario where the time-tested, recyclable material of paper becomes the driving force behind modern electronics, creating a harmonious blend of innovation and sustainability.

Our mission: for us, paper transcends its traditional role. We recognize and elevate it as an environmental and innovative solution. Our advanced paper dataloggers, rooted in agricultural waste rather than traditional wood, exemplify our dual dedication to technological evolution and ecological mindfulness.

Guided by foresight and sustainability, we champion products that seamlessly merge with nature post their lifecycle. We don’t just want to lead in technology; we’re catalyzing a shift, guiding businesses toward sustainable datalogging paradigms.

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Your role

As the CFO at Tapp, you’re not just managing numbers but navigating the financial future of a transformative enterprise. You’ll be the architect of robust financial strategies, optimizing our resources and ensuring we remain agile and responsive to market dynamics. Aligning financial policies with our ecological principles and ensuring fiscal sustainability will be at the heart of your mandate.

Your profile

While you may be early in your financial journey, your drive and determination stand out. It’s not just about financial acumen; it’s about aligning that budding expertise with Tapp’s ethos of innovation and sustainability. At Tapp, we’re not just seeking a number cruncher, but a passionate visionary-in-the-making. Someone who’s eager to learn, anticipates market shifts, and ardently believes that our fiscal choices can further our environmental mission.

Why Tapp?

At Tapp, you have the chance to shape the fiscal trajectory of an enterprise poised at the cusp of technological and environmental revolutions. You’ll be nurtured in a culture that’s innovation-driven and deeply rooted in sustainable principles. Our team is cohesive, forward-thinking, and operates with a collective zeal. Every decision you make as CFO will ripple through our ecosystem, echoing our shared aspirations.

Practical details

Your role commences on January 1, 2024. We’re headquartered in Leeuwarden, but we believe in a global mindset, offering flexibility and accommodating various working dynamics. This is a full-time commitment, and we’re eager to welcome a financial maestro who mirrors our long-term ambitions.

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We invite you to journey through our website, understanding the essence of Tapp. When you’re ready, jump into our application process. Share your vision, your experiences, and your aspirations, demonstrating how you can be the financial linchpin in Tapp’s ambitious journey.

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