Hardware Engineer

Craft the face of datalogging revolution

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About Tapp: in the rapidly evolving realm of datalogging, Tapp stands distinctively apart. Our paper dataloggers symbolize not just the forefront of technological evolution, but also echo our unwavering commitment to ecological sustainability. At Tapp, we’re not about business as usual. We question – why base electronics on materials that weigh heavily on our environment and escalate waste challenges?

Our vision: imagine a world where paper – an age-old, recyclable treasure – is the bedrock of cutting-edge electronics. A world where innovation doesn’t compromise the environment, but complements it.

Our mission: for us, paper isn’t merely a carrier of thoughts; we champion it as the ideal foundation for electronics. Our state-of-the-art paper dataloggers embody not just tech sophistication but our profound eco-devotion. A notable mention? Our choice of paper, sourced from agricultural waste instead of conventional wood, solidifying our ethos of innovation and eco-responsibility.

Guided by the ‘end-of-life’ ethos, we ensure our creations return gracefully to the earth, post their prime. We aim to be more than a tech entity; we envision a transformative wave, nudging enterprises towards eco-conscious datalogging.

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Your role at the forefront of Tapp Technology

As a Hardware Engineer at Tapp, you are an essential part of our product development team. You will actively contribute to the innovation and advancement of our state-of-the-art paper dataloggers. Your role encompasses not just ensuring the smooth operation of our manufacturing processes but also hands-on work in the development and improvement of our current products. Additionally, you will play a key role in integrating IoT and LoRaWAN technologies into our systems. Your responsibilities include assembling components, conducting quality control, testing our hardware before shipment to customers, and maintaining an efficient workflow.

Conceptualizing, designing, and iterating – these form the bedrock of your responsibilities. Working in tandem with our software team and product designers, you ensure that our hardware solutions not only operate seamlessly but also echo Tapp’s hallmark user experience. An essential aspect of your role will delve into the realm of printed electronics, a cutting-edge technology that combines printing and electronics, offering flexibility, reduced form factor, and innovative application areas. Your keen interest in this domain will be central to driving our products’ capabilities.

Your meticulous nature ensures that every component and circuit reflects Tapp’s dedication to excellence. Whether manually constructing chip/sensor combinations or working hands-on with a soldering iron (“soldeerbout” in Dutch), you’re unafraid of getting your hands dirty, demonstrating both precision and passion.

Your adaptability shines when collaborating with our international suppliers, ensuring smooth communication regardless of time zones, be it with partners in the U.S. or China.

Your profile

Though you might be at the onset of your hardware development career, your fervor for technology and innovation is undeniable. A foundational grasp of electronics, circuit design, and hardware prototyping is a must. Being acquainted with common hardware tools and software platforms will serve you well. At Tapp, it’s your zeal for learning and your commitment to crafting impeccable hardware solutions that stand out.

Why Tapp?

Joining Tapp is more than a job—it’s a journey into the future of technology. Here, you’re not just developing hardware; you’re contributing to a vision, laying the blueprint for a sustainable and interconnected tomorrow. Each challenge you encounter is a stepping stone, guided by an environment as enthusiastic about tech advancements as you are. Remember, at Tapp, each individual has a hand in directing our technological path, ensuring our products remain unparalleled.

Practical details

Embark on your technical odyssey with Tapp on January 1, 2024. While our core innovation hub is located in Leeuwarden, we champion flexibility, facilitating adaptable remote work arrangements. This position is set for 36 hours a week, roughly spanning 5 days. We are searching for someone spirited, someone who resonates with our forward-thinking vision.

Begin your Tapp tale

Are hardware and technology your calling? Delve into our mission by navigating our website. Get attuned to our tech values, and when the inspiration strikes, initiate your application. Showcase your ardor, your innovations, and your aspirations. Let’s unearth how you can sculpt the next chapter in Tapp’s technological journey.

✅ What is required?
à Knowledge of the vibrant culture of a start up or scale up environment (tip: read books!)
à Attitude
à Fluency in English
à Fluency in Dutch is highly desirable
à Basic knowledge of excel
à Affinity with electronics
💼 What will you get?
à €3.500 - €4.000 gross p/m (depending on knowledge and experience)
à 36-hour working week
à To take a break to recharge, we encourage you to take 30 days of annual leave per year.
à With your manager you will have growth conversations to discuss your development
à We love to have lunch together at the office, so this is on us.
à An annual home office budget of €250 is offered, so you can create a nice work from home space
à We make sure we regularly organise company activities to connect and have fun with your colleagues
à When you refer a new colleague we’d like to thank you with a referral bonus
à Last but not least, a dynamic environment and passionate, close knit team all working together towards an ambitious goal!

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