Sales & marketing specialist

Ignite the world with your drive and Tapp’s vision

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About Tapp

Amid the bustling innovation of datalogging, Tapp carves a distinctive niche. Our paper dataloggers aren’t just gadgets; they’re a proclamation of our passion for sustainable progress. At Tapp, we’re bridging the divide between age-old paper and futuristic tech, shaping a world where innovation and environment resonate in harmony.

Our vision

Foresee a world where the time-honored medium of paper is the pulse of state-of-the-art electronics, championing a reality where innovation complements ecological responsibility.

Our mission

To us, paper transcends its traditional role. It’s a symbol of evolution, sustainability, and ingenuity. Crafted from agricultural waste instead of standard wood, our dataloggers epitomize our fervor for pioneering technology and environmental mindfulness.

Join us

As a Sales & Marketing Specialist at Tapp, your task goes beyond mere promotions and deals. You’ll:

  • Craft and convey compelling narratives that spotlight our brand, mission, and products.
  • Engage with potential clients and audiences, turning curiosity into commitment.
  • Collaborate with teams to ideate, strategize, and implement effective sales and marketing campaigns.

Your profile

Fresh out of school? That’s no barrier. At Tapp, it’s not about how many years you’ve clocked in the industry, but the drive, passion, and ambition you bring to the table. Your zeal is non-negotiable. A lackluster approach? That’s the only dealbreaker. We need firebrands ready to champion our vision, challenge the status quo, and ignite change.

Why Tapp?

When you align with Tapp, you’re not just securing a job; you’re embedding yourself in a transformative journey towards a more sustainable future. Our culture thrives on zeal, innovation, and the collective dynamism of like-minded changemakers. At Tapp, every milestone is a collaborative celebration of dedication and vision.

Practical details

The adventure kickstarts on January 1, 2024. We’re rooted in Leeuwarden, but with your spirit and our vision, the globe is our oyster. This role is full-time, with eyes set on long-term collaboration with those who resonate with our ethos.

Become the change

Navigate our website, familiarize yourself with our essence, and when you feel that spark, let’s connect. Share with us your vision, enthusiasm, and how you envisage yourself amplifying Tapp’s transformative narrative.

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