The more recent models of iPhone use what is called Background Tag Reading. This means that as long as the iPhone screen is on, your NFC Tag Reader is active and can read NFC tags if you place your iPhone nearby.

Older models of iPhone require you to turn on the NFC Tag Reader manually in order for you to use NFC.

To turn on the NFC Tag Reader on older iPhones:

Step 1: If you have an iPhone 8 or iPhone 7, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center.

Step 2: If you have an iPhone X, swipe down from the top right-hand corner of the screen to open the Control Center.

Step 3: Tap the NFC Tag Reader icon to turn on NFC. You can now use NFC to interact with other devices or tags.


Step 4: If you don’t see the NFC Tag Reader icon in Control Center on iPhone 7, 8, or X, you’ll need to add it to your Control Center through Settings.

Step 5: Open the Settings app.

Step 6: Tap Control Center.


Step 7: Scroll down to the More Controls section and tap the Plus (+) icon next to NFC Tag Reader.


Step 8: Repeat Steps 1-3.


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Some phones will be NFC-enabled but may not have the capability turned on. If you have a Samsung Android phone, check under settings > connections > tap NFC and contactless payments > tap the switch to turn NFC on. Once this is turned on for your device, you can adjust your settings for contactless payments and select your preferred mobile payment service, such as Google Pay or Samsung Pay.