How it works

Connect the unconnected

We make paper smart by integrating sensors, printed batteries and microchips. Making paper interactive by connecting it with the Internet of Things. We connect the unconnected, creating unlimited possibilities.

Paper reinvented means you can now benefit from the scalability, flexibility and measurability that smart paper has to offer. Together with our data cloud service, we will be able to get data out of everything.

tapp how it works

If it’s out there, we can analyze it.

Right now, we are able to measure temperature, humidity (both relative and absolute), shocks and tilt. But we are pretty certain that we can measure all that is out there. We will be developing additional environmental and food quality sensing capabilities on the fly, or upon request. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know our developments.

tapp how it works sensors

A great advantage is that the paper can be printed with any design possible. So extend the brand message and corporate identity with a personalized design. It will grant brand owners a great way to extend their communication with consumers. Also, the paper can be finished in any way that you want. Thus making it extremely applicable.

Tapp how it works cloud
Cloud data software

At the heart of our solution is our cloud software. The hardware cannot run without the cloud, and vice versa. The paper and the software complete each-other. Every piece of paper is inherently connected to the cloud software and thus has a Digital Paper Identity (DPI).

The cloud transforms raw sensory data into powerful insights and endless opportunities for application development, so you have optimal insights into the supply chain. The software translates raw sensory information into the corresponding physical domains; for example, temperature change, shock and tilt measurement and humidity levels.