Our purpose

Transforming dataloggers: our commitment to reduce e-waste

Believe it or not, our origins were not in the datalogger industry but in the paper business. Paper, a humble yet incredibly sustainable material, was our starting point. As the world around us embraced the digital revolution, we saw an opportunity to bring the benefits of this revolution to the paper we knew so well. Today, our paper-based dataloggers stand testament to our innovative approach, providing top-notch, accessible, and most importantly, environmentally friendly solutions for temperature, humidity, and shock tracking. As we stride into the future, we remain committed to our mission: reducing electronic waste, redefining the datalogging industry, and making our planet a more sustainable place for everyone.

The single-use datalogger dilemma

Single-use dataloggers have, undeniably, revolutionized supply chains, offering precision, reliability, and valuable data to ensure quality control. However, their contribution to the escalating global e-waste problem cannot be overlooked. Each datalogger, after completing its mission, typically finds its final resting place in a landfill. Herein lies the irony: a device designed to ensure product quality and reduce waste ironically generates waste itself.

From USB ports and buttons to LCD screens and cables, these single-use devices are laden with plastic, metals, mercury, and more – elements that contribute to toxic e-waste. As these materials decompose, they leach harmful substances into the environment, contaminating soil, water, and air, and posing risks to human and animal health. It’s a silent crisis that’s growing every year, exacerbated by the increasing reliance on electronic devices in our digital age.

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Our smart paper dataloggers aim to turn the tide in this battle against e-waste. By eschewing plastic and metal components, we’ve created a datalogger that performs its role without contributing to this ecological problem. Instead of being cast off into a landfill at the end of their journey, our dataloggers can be recycled, breaking the cycle of waste and paving the way for a more sustainable future in supply chain management.

Our mission isn’t just about creating a smart, functional product – it’s about creating a product that respects our planet. We believe it’s possible to embrace the benefits of technology without compromising our environment. In the face of mounting e-waste, our paper dataloggers aren’t just an innovation in supply chain management – they’re a step towards a more sustainable world.

Redefining data collection: designing with recyclability at the core

Breaking the mould of traditional manufacturing processes, our approach as a startup has always been the reverse. We didn’t start with the question, “What can we create?”, but instead we asked, “What product can be flawlessly recycled?” It was within these boundaries we identified the potential of paper. Instead of viewing it as a mere writing material, we saw a sustainable substrate that could be made intelligent, thereby functioning as a datalogger. Every aspect of our production is guided by this vision – from the choice of materials to the design of our products, recyclability is not an afterthought, but a core design principle. Our ambition is to redefine what a datalogger can be – not just a device that records data, but a product that respects and preserves our environment.

Paper recycling: a simple, globally-endorsed, and economically-savvy solution

Our commitment to environmental responsibility is not just a claim – it’s certified. We’ve received confirmation of our paper’s 100% recyclability from the International Association of the Deinking Industry, “Based on laboratory analysis and recyclability test method PTS-RH 021:2012, the paper product fulfills all requirements.”

Our technology, akin to staples or paperclips, is designed to be separated during recycling. We have obtained an official certification, registration number PROPAKMA PR2023-13, solidifying our dedication to sustainability. By choosing our paper, you’re supporting a circular economy, reducing waste, and preserving resources while harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology.

From waste to worth: agricultural waste as a base material for our dataloggers

Embracing sustainability at its core, our manufacturing process, in collaboration with PaperWise, transforms agricultural waste into high-quality, sustainable paper. Infused with minimal printed electronics, our innovative dataloggers are both eco-friendly and fully recyclable at the end of their life cycle. With our dataloggers, you’re not only improving supply chain efficiency but also contributing to a reduced environmental footprint. This allows us to give agricultural waste a second life, promoting a healthier planet through sustainable practices.

Meet the team

At the heart of our eco-friendly revolution is a team of passionate innovators. Driven by a commitment to sustainability, our diverse and dedicated team brings together years of expertise in technology, supply chain management, and sustainability. Get to know the minds behind our transformative paper dataloggers and their shared vision for a cleaner, more sustainable world.