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paper dataloggers

tapp into
paper dataloggers

Revolutionizing temperature monitoring with sustainable dataloggers

Explore our range of sustainable dataloggers, otherwise known as temperature recorders or temp recorders. Seamlessly melding technological innovation with eco-consciousness, each product provides precise temperature data through a simple tap on your smartphone. Lightweight, intuitive, and budget-friendly, these dataloggers are set to redefine data monitoring in your industry. Step into a greener future of data solutions with our transformative dataloggers.

Instant global data insights through our dashboard and APIs

Experience global data access like never before with our advanced dashboard and API services. When a paper datalogger is interacted with anywhere in the world, our robust platform instantly integrates this data, providing you with immediate and comprehensive insights. From precise temperature fluctuations to humidity shifts, gain an unparalleled understanding of your processes, no matter the distance. With our dashboard and API, data accessibility and transparency are just a tap away.

“Intuitive, user-friendly, and efficient – that’s what stands out about this dashboard and API service. Even if our products are across the globe, the moment a datalogger is accessed, the data is at our fingertips. An absolute industry game-changer!”

– Lucas Fratta, Supply Chain Manager, Nestlé U.S.


Simplify your temperature monitoring processes with TempSense, our innovative paper datalogger. Designed to measure and record temperature data accurately across your supply chain, TempSense provides you with insights that are both comprehensive and accessible. Just tap with your smartphone to unlock data. Revolutionize your temperature tracking and stay in control of your supply chain operations with TempSense.


Experience the fusion of temperature and relative humidity monitoring with our HumiditySense datalogger. This product offers combined temperature and humidity data logging, providing you with a fuller picture of your supply chain environment. The convenience of access with just a smartphone tap, coupled with reliable performance, makes HumiditySense an essential tool in maintaining the quality of your products and optimizing your operations.


Navigate your logistical operations confidently with our ShockSense datalogger. Specifically designed to record shocks and tilt events, ShockSense equips you with the vital data you need to safeguard your products and maintain a high-quality supply chain. Access your data with a simple smartphone tap, making it easier than ever to monitor the physical conditions your products are subjected to during transit. With ShockSense, ensure the integrity of your shipments like never before.