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TempSense: next-level temperature monitoring

Dive into the new age of temperature monitoring with TempSense. Engineered specifically for the forward-thinking Quality Managers in the bustling realms of food, pharmaceuticals, and floristry, TempSense paves the way for efficient and precise temperature recording.

Just tap your smartphone to our breakthrough, 100% recyclable paper sensor to unlock a world of temperature data – no extra devices, no complex apps. TempSense prioritizes both your business needs and the planet, offering affordable and sustainable temperature tracking solutions. Embrace the future of temperature monitoring in supply chains – where smart decisions, resource optimization, and eco-consciousness align.

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Seamless cloud integration, goodbye to PDF hassle.

Embrace the future of temperature data management with TempSense. In a world where efficiency and sustainability are paramount, TempSense bids farewell to cumbersome PDF exchanges and welcomes seamless cloud integration. No more fussing with attachments or risk of lost data, just tap your smartphone against our innovative paper, and you gain immediate access to accurate temperature data.

This revolutionary approach not only saves you time but also guarantees real-time access to crucial data, directly in the cloud. This stands in stark contrast to traditional single-use dataloggers, underscoring our commitment to efficiency and ease of use. So, Quality Managers, are you ready to elevate your control over your temperature data? TempSense is here to help you take the lead.

“TempSense has revolutionized our process. No more PDFs or manual data transfers, just instant, cloud-based insights. It’s a game-changer.” – Sarah Asquire, Quality Manager, ExportJaime”

Universal access

TempSense delivers immediate temperature data to anyone with a smartphone – anywhere on the globe. No need for USB ports, specific hardware or cables. Just tap and you’re in the know.

Sustainable efficiency

No more single-use data loggers. TempSense is 100% recyclable, aligning with your commitment to sustainability.

Streamlined workflow

Say goodbye to manual PDF exchanges. TempSense uploads data directly to the cloud, ensuring you’re always up to date.

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