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tapp into
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Unlocking cool chain efficiency across industries

In the diverse world of chilled supply chains, we serve as the connecting link. Catering to various industries including fresh produce, floral, pharmaceuticals and more, we offer versatile, innovative datalogger solutions that meet unique sector-specific needs. Our ground-breaking, sustainable paper dataloggers provide precise temperature tracking, ensuring the integrity and freshness of products across cool chains globally. Dive deeper into the sectors we serve and discover how our technology is transforming cool chain management, delivering data-driven efficiency to industries worldwide.

Connecting dots: our global footprint.

From the vibrant tulip fields of the Netherlands to bustling pharmaceutical factories in the US, our sensors are keeping a careful watch, ensuring product integrity, and making global cool chains smarter. It’s a data-driven dance of dots, but to us, it’s a testament to our commitment to providing affordable, accessible, and sustainable solutions across borders. Watch our global story unfold.

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Entrust us with nature’s finest, and we’ll ensure they arrive in peak condition. The stakes are high when dealing with perishable food items, where every degree deviation can compromise quality. Our paper dataloggers diligently monitor the temperature of your products, maintaining the crisp freshness from farm to fork. For Quality Managers in the food industry, our cost-effective and sustainable solutions are a smart choice to optimize your cool chain, cut losses, and safeguard your brand reputation.


flowers & bulbs

Flowers & bulbs

Beauty may be transient, but not when you have the right preservation tools. Our TempSense and HumiditySense dataloggers work silently in the background, keeping your delicate floral consignments fresh and vibrant. For Quality Managers in the floral industry, our paper dataloggers provide the crucial data to ensure your flowers maintain their bloom and fragrance from the field to the vase.


When dealing with pharmaceutical products, precision isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. At stake are not just high-value goods but potentially life-saving medications that demand meticulous temperature monitoring. Our paper dataloggers offer unparalleled reliability and ease of use to Quality Managers in the pharmaceutical industry. We help ensure your critical supplies reach their destination with their efficacy intact, contributing to a healthier world.