Crafting sustainability: our team’s collective journey

Our team is a vibrant collection of dedicated, innovative, and environmentally-conscious individuals, unified by a shared commitment to sustainability and a greener future. Coming from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of expertise, each team member brings a unique perspective, fostering an environment of constant growth and innovation. We are technologists, engineers, environmental scientists, and customer service specialists, working closely together in a synergy of passion and talent. As a collective, we are proud to transform agricultural waste into something remarkable, helping businesses become more sustainable in the process. Our team is not just an assembly of professionals, but a community, constantly driven by our shared goal of environmental stewardship, and the belief that together, we can make a substantial positive impact on our planet.

The team

Fabian Hijlkema


Koos Esser


Niels Postma


Marije Steeman

Business development

Renger Ypenburg

Firmware developer

Ruurd Koopmans

Firmware developer

Marco Tenback

App developer (iOS/Android)

Alco Braaksma

Hardware developer

Ibo Ibelings

Frontend developer

Rick Wijbenga

Intern API developer


Bernd van Woerden

Business advisor

Hans-Peter Baars

Strategy advisor

Ferry Szovan

Strategy advisor

Luuc Elzinga

Investment advisor