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Entering the era of connectivity anywhere

Everything is getting smart. Why not paper?

Nowadays we almost can’t even remember how we could exist in the pre-internet world. Connectivity has changed drastically over the last few decades. Technology turbocharged our instant access to people all over the world and to a whole plethora of new ways to exchange data. Then, the Internet of Things emerged, connecting devices to each other without the need of human guidance. The ultimate step in that evolution? It’s the Internet of Everything. It’s built with common things. Like paper. And we at Tapp.online are creating just that.

Interactions with our worldwide shipped smart paper (late 2021)

You can safely say that we know paper, having years of printing experience. And of course we saw the digitization kick in. As a result, old fashioned paper went into decline. But we saw an opportunity to reinvent paper. Why not try and put chips and sensors into paper? So we did. Combining high-tech technology and existing materials, we made paper smart. Adding a new layer to the Internet of Things and eliminating the need for specifically built devices: we bring connectivity to places that were unconnected before. At the same time making it possible to fetch data from difficult to reach environments. All with a circular, smart piece of paper.

A cleaner world

As said, smart paper is the perfect alternative for traditional electronics. So at Tapp.online, we work on the bigger picture: our smart paper is 100% recyclable, contributing to a circular world free of e-waste.

E-waste is the toxic legacy of our digital age. Our waste electronics are polluting drinking water and harming ecosystems around the world. Only 15% of the e-waste is collected globally, while most of the e-waste ends up in landfills — both at home and in the developing world — where toxic metals leach into the environment.

It’s time to fix the problem. Paper is the perfect alternative to traditional materials: it’s easily recyclable. And paper waste streams are there already, globally. Let’s start by replacing traditional electronics recyclable smart paper.

A circular world free of e-waste

Case studies

We have been doing some inspiring, and dare we say it – amazing projects recently. Find out a little more about them.


Founded in 1898 and rooted in the Netherlands, HZPC has grown to become global market leader in innovative breeding and seed potato trading.

Doctors without Borders

An independent, global movement providing medical aid where it’s needed most. We’ve created temperature labels to monitor their supply chain.

Citroën DS 7

The ultimate combination of powerful engines and a unique design. A unique car also deserves a unique invitation for a test drive.

Lipton / Unilever

Lipton is one of the largest FMCG brands in the world (Unilever). We developed smart order stickers for them with QR and NFC combined.

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