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Every day, and with each sheet of intelligent paper, we are replacing traditional electronics with a sustainable solution. Chips, sensors and printed batteries combined with miles of software code – that makes our hearts beat faster. The company started in March 2020, so adapting and reacting quickly to changes is in our dna. Just like tech. We love what we do and we love to push boundaries, every day. Bit by bit. Sheet by sheet.

Founder (ceo)

Niels Postma

Co-founder (cto)

Fabian Hijlkema

Grants & subsidies

Rinze Bos

Business developer

Age Knol

Full stack developer

Ibo Ibelings

Embedded software engineer

Ruurd Koopmans


Bernd van Woerden
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We work remote. We meet often. Join us, on a printing adventure.